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“Weekendesk is a web-based service offering specialised weekend breaks in the Benelux, in France, Spain and Italy. Our concept is based on providing an offer of weekend breaks near you. With a large selection of activities and extras, customers can choose their ideal break from a specially selected list of hotels.

We publish details of new offers on our website (in four languages) on a daily basis. Over the last few years, Art Traduct Vertalingen has made a large contribution to the translation of our texts from French into Dutch. These texts, published on two sites, – and – are supplied to them in various formats; they are also happy to post translations directly onto our website.

Our experience with Art Traduct Vertalingen has been very positive. Staff at ATV work fast and efficiently and the texts they produce are of a very high quality. Their approach to work is positive and progressive – they are always happy to discuss the best possible solutions with us. An excellent level of interaction with their office makes working with them on a regular basis a harmonious and enjoyable experience.”

Anne van Gemert
Editorial manager