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Our specialities

Art Traduct Vertalingen is a versatile translation agency capable of handling virtually all document types.
We also offer some specialities; texts which we translate on a weekly or even daily basis:

Administrative and commercial texts
Public information, marketing texts, publicity sheets, prospectuses, information sheets, online shops

Art, culture, music
Texts for exhibitions, trade shows, events, websites, theatres and museums

Hardware, software, manuals, websites, information sheets, documentation, security and protection, antivirus solutions, digital signatures

Manuals and documentation, GPS devices, telephones, mobile applications

Websites and documentation for campsites, hotels, amusement parks, winter sports, tourist leaflets and tourist guides

Video games, online games

Gastronomy & the Agro food industry
Magazines, websites, recipes, cookery books, labels, electrical goods, texts for restaurants, hotels, chain stores

Children and Education
Children’s books, picture books, teaching, psychological and genetic material

Magazines, websites, products, prospectuses, documentation

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