You are looking for an excellent translation and you want to make sure the agency you choose will deliver a first quality job for a reasonable price.  ATV makes sure you are satisfied! We have made our customers happy since our beginnings in 2001. ATV has acquired the necessary experience to fulfil all your translation and revision needs.

Our advantages

  • Creativity and precision
  • Quality and promptness
  • Experience
  • “Mother tongue” translators
  • Consistent terminology
  • On time delivery
  • Reasonable prices


Creativity and precision

Upon accepting an assignment, ATV attempts to get a precise idea of what our customer wants. This essential step enables us to offer a product that is not only accurate, but also artistically perfect, allowing our customers to make the best use of it.


Quality and promptness

Delivering quality work and responding promptly to your requests have been our main priorities right from the start and we are profoundly committed to observing these values. We solely work with professional and specialized translators who translate into their native language. Assignments on the same subject are always carried out by the same translators. We also commit to establishing a specific glossary for each of our customers in order to ensure the consistency of the documents’ style and terminology.


Deliveries and deadlines

Delivery time depends on the size of the document and on its degree of difficulty. Whenever we accept a document we also agree upon a deadline. You may also contact us for urgent translations. We are strongly committed to respecting our deadlines while we also attach the highest importance to delivering high quality work.


Reasonable prices

Our prices are very competitive. See for yourself and contact us for a free estimate.

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