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International Translation Day!

International Translation Day  

Certificate Subtitling

Subtitling certificate Ellie Lormans has recently taken the ‘Cursus Compact’ subtitling course by Bartho Kriek. She now holds a certificate for the successful completion of the course and you may contact her directly for your subtitling projects. For more information on the course: Certificaat ondertitelen

Translation: a lost art?

Eli Fréron

“Translators are like portrait painters, they can embellish the material, but it must always look like the original.” Lettres, Elie Fréron An interesting article about translation (in French):  

As of 1 October 2012, VAT will be charged at 21% in the Netherlands*

As of 1 October 2012, VAT will be charged at 21% in the Netherlands* The Netherland’s standard VAT rate will rise to 21%, as of 1 October 2012, as part of the country’s budgetary agreement. Reduced rate VAT will remain at 6%. In accordance with this measure, Art Traduct Vertalingen is obliged to apply the new rate of 21% to its invoices as of this date. * If we are selling goods to VAT-registered businesses in EU countries, we may be able to zero-rate the sales.  

International Translation Day

For all my collegues: Happy International Translation Day!

Autumn offer

Autumn offer Valid up until and including 20 December 2012. It’s autumn, and here we are back at our desks, having made the most of the summer! Over the last few months we have seen an increase in demand for the translation of applications for iPhones, iPads, smartphones and Android touch screen tablet computers. Has your company developed an application? Why not have it professionally translated? A large number of very good applications continue to be made available in machine translated versions which are often confusing or inaccurate – meaning customers may never know how effective they really are!. This autumn, we are offering all our direct clients* a reduction …

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Spring offer

  Spring offer Valid up to and including 20 July 2012 It’s spring! The sun is out and it’s time to tackle the spring cleaning! This year, why not make a clean sweep right through the office to include polishing up your website. By re-editing the text on your site you can appeal to new clients.  Moreover, by translating your message into several different languages you could further expand your market! This spring, we are offering a 10% reduction to all our new direct clients* for the multiple translation of their websites**. *does not apply to agencies. **valid for European clients and for a minimum of 1,000 words per language …

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Winter offer

Winter offer Valid until 20 March 2012 Winter is the time when people start to plan their summer holidays… it’s also the time of year when campsites, holiday villages and hotels, as well as amusement parks, zoos and other tourist sites, go about the business of generating their bookings for the coming year. There’s no better time than now to get your website and advertising brochures properly adapted for your target markets. Which is why we are offering all our direct clients* in the tourist sector a 10% reduction on their first translation order.** *does not apply to agencies. **valid for European clients and for a minimum of 1,000 words …

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10 years Art Traduct Vertalingen!

Art Traduct Vertalingen is 10 years old!   Art Traduct Vertalingen was created in January 2002 – making 2012 the year of our tenth birthday! Ten years is worth celebrating; and we would like to do that with you. To mark the occasion, we will be offering some very special deals on our website throughout 2012. If you haven’t yet had the chance to try out our services here at Art Traduct Vertalingen – don’t wait any longer – just ask us for a quote and you too will discover why our clients (some have been with us since the beginning) have chosen to work with us on a regular …

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